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A buying guide to BTW toilet


A person’s preferences may be seen in the toilet they choose to decorate. You can go right with the classics when it comes to bathroom decor. The toilets are one of many crucial components in a bathroom that may make or break your efforts to design the perfect area. Back-to-wall toilets are still a relatively new trend, but they’ve gained popularity thanks to their beautiful designs, complementing a broad range of bathroom aesthetics.


What is Back to wall toilet?

As compared to other kinds of toilets, back-to-wall toilets express the most elegance. Consider installing a back-to-wall toilet pan for a clean, modern vibe in your bathroom. These pots come in a wide range of designs to suit your preferences. The pot of ultra-compact back-to-the-wall toilets rests on the floor and is supported by the wall. The plumbing and flush system are covered behind a wall. However, there is a flush control above the toilet.back-to-wall-toilet

Installation of BTW toilet:

The back-to-wall toilet may be installed in one of two ways: either with a unit or flushed straight against the wall. Depending on your preferences and the layout of your toilet, either option might work well.

  • Using a single unit:

Setting up your new toilet may be easier if you get a unit that attaches directly to the wall behind it. The toilet’s cistern is hidden away inside the unit, avoiding the need for rough-in plumbing. The device may also function as a convenient shelf.

  • Without using unit:

The installation of a toilet against a wall, with the cistern concealed within, is the essence of a modern, minimalist design. Nevertheless, this requires additional work during installation and may need the construction of a solid wall or a boxed portion. This could allow you to install more shelving or storage space in the ceiling.


Considerations for bathroom back-to-wall toilets:

There are a few factors to consider before installing a back-to-wall toilet in your bathroom.

  • It’s essential to check first that the cistern and waste pipes can fit behind the wall you’ve decided on.
  • The requirement of selecting a preferred toilet flushing mechanism. The most typical model is a gravity-fed toilet, which requires the user only to lift a lever to flush. In contrast, dual flush systems have two separate levers: one for a complete flush and another for a half flush. You may adjust the water used with each flush, making this a more water-efficient choice.
  • Selecting a toilet seat is a necessary task. Anything from inexpensive plastic chairs to high-end hardwood ones may be found. Those who like a little warmth in the toilet might choose seats with integrated heaters.


It’s common to find a back-to-the-wall toilet in a newly built home. They have a modern, minimalist appearance and use much less room than standard bathrooms. Please read our guide before installing a back-to-wall toilet in your new bathroom.

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