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An Informative tip for choosing a new toilet suite

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A toilet is a crucial part of any home’s drainage system. If your toilet has been malfunctioning as of late, or you are tired of constantly needing to make tiny repairs, it’s maybe time for an update.

Many consumers need help finding a toilet suite to suit their plumbing and they need to figure out where to begin looking, how to arrange the bathroom, or how to take accurate measurements.

This guide has been written to ensure that you choose a toilet suite that not only meets your plumbing needs but also complements the style of your bathroom. Learn as much as possible about the throne you’ll be sitting on to make the most of your purchase.

Factors to consider when purchasing a toilet suite:

  • Setup of the room:

Replacing the toilet suite in the same spot as the previous one is the simplest option as the plumbing is already preset. For a new bathroom construction, you may want to find a discrete area to place the toilet suite away from the door.

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Two-piece toilet suite, which is attached to the bowl using bolts, is often less expensive than the in-wall cistern toilet suite. Cleaning behind a wall-mounted toilet is easy and they add a more modem touch to the bathroom. However not all bathrooms will be able to fit this type of toilet suite in, you will need to seek advise from qualified plumbers. Two-piece toilet suite is easy to install and is more suited for renovations.

  • Equipped with a toilet seat:

The majority of residential toilets suite are duo flush system. One single flush empties the tank and empties the contents of the bowl down. Due to their widespread adoption, manufacturers have provided these facilities to save water consumption. We do this via a duo button flush system. To flush away liquid waste with minimal water, press half flush and flush away solid waste, press the full flush.

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The toilet suite in your bathroom is possibly the most valuable appliance in your home. The quantity of water it consumes and how efficiently it flushes is more important than the appearance or price.

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