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Bathroom Renovations | Let’s Talk About the Dominating Trends

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Current bathroom designs are similar to the plan from a few years before. The renovation focuses on clean lines with materials that are very easy to clean. Moreover, homeowners are now discussing smaller changes rather than transforming the whole floor. Here are the newest trends involving a bathroom.


When thinking about bathroom renovations Auckland homes will have more spa-inspired rooms. The so-called spathrooms are a dynamite trend this year. It is inspired by limited spaces between the walls where the homeowners can create a room for self-care.

These spathrooms are an excellent spot to escape the daily busy life. You can connect to the bedroom with an inspiring color palette emphasizing tranquility. You can amplify the surroundings with warm textures, patterned curtains, and hanging artwork. Keep the room soft and welcoming.

A pop of color

Black bathrooms are a trend of the past. When picking colors for bathroom renovations Auckland residents gear towards a pop of color. The intense mismatch of the pallet provokes the mind. The concept is known as color drenching, where limited space is full of color.

Customers are no longer interested in completely white or single-color bathrooms. They want to experiment with color. Bathrooms are now seen as an extension of the bedroom rather than a separate feature. Inject your personality into the bathroom with your favorite shade of blues and greens. You can make it fun with whimsical shapes and abstract paintings.

stylish bathroom interior design with marble panels bathtub towels other personal bathroom accessories modern glamour interior concept roof window templateSmaller bathrooms

Bathrooms now utilize floor space expertly, even if the surface area is small. The technology has upgraded utilities with smart furniture that is easy to install. Homeowners are looking up small bathroom designs on social media because they take less time to clean.

When a small surface is involved in bathroom renovations Auckland homeowners are advised to utilize the vertical surfaces. For example, they can install lighting fixtures on the walls. Furthermore, use wall-mounted accessories such as toilet brushes and roll holders. The placement will make the bathroom look bigger because it stretches upward.

Warm colors

Warmer tones are a huge trend in bathroom renovations. The customers are now purchasing earthy and muted tones with a bronzed finish. It adds classiness and elegance to modern designs. Other trendy choices are gold and brass finishes.

When considering faucets and fittings in bathroom renovations Auckland customers feel gold appears more polished. As a result, the bathroom looks modern. You can make an excellent ambiance with a scented candle according to the season or holidays.

wooden style with showerbox

Freestanding bath

A freestanding bath is an excellent addition to a new bathroom. The standalone tub is a design-forward accessory that is excellent for you to relax for a very long time. When compiling the list of bathroom renovations Auckland market is full of options for a freestanding tub.

You can install it next to the bathroom to create a luxury feeling. Furthermore, it also helps with ventilation and creates an open floor plan for the bathroom. You will no longer complain of mildew and mold on the bathroom floor. As a result, the tub is a priority and a must-have for many customers.

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