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Freestanding Bath vs Built-in bath: Which One is the Best?

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Before you start your bathroom renovation, an important decision needs to be made; will you opt for a freestanding bath or a built-in bath? Many people think that freestanding baths are more luxurious and are available in a variety of designs. On the other hand, there are various practical advantages of built-in bathtubs, especially if you have limited space.

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Freestanding Bath

Freestanding tubs have all four sides exposed and they sit directly on your bathroom’s floor. Often, they help make a statement and instantly grab all the attention when someone enters the bathroom. Moreover, the bathtub is a great visual centerpiece for your bathroom. The best thing about choosing a freestanding bath is the fact that it won’t be tucked away between walls and you are free to choose the tub’s location, size, shape, and material. You can place it anywhere in the room. Just make sure you locate it where water and drain lines can be plumbed easily to come up to the basin and faucet of the tub.

Reasons to Choose a Freestanding Bath

  • It can fit any style – There is no limit to the variety when it comes to freestanding tubs. Plus, they aren’t limited by a need to be fixed between walls so designers can be more creative with the shape.
  • Most people choose freestanding bathtubs because of the look. It makes a statement and is associated with luxury. A majority of high-end spas also utilize freestanding tubs.
  • Its installation is painless. You just need a plumber and you are good to go. Besides that, they allow you to utilize your bathroom space more creatively.

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Built-in Bath

A built-in bathtub is installed against the bathroom walls. It is famous for its practicality and sensibility. If designed well, it can also look beautiful. Generally, the most popular reason why people opt for it is its price. Built-in tubs are a more affordable option. Furthermore, they are more space-economical. As they sit with a wall, they are automatically out of the way, unlike freestanding baths that require space around them.

Some more reasons to choose a built-in bath:

  • It offers more options in terms of storage. You can mount shelves on the wall beside the tub for shower items.
  • It is easy to conceal plumbing. It can be tucked away under the tub hence making it out of sight.
  • Built-in tubs are easier to clean as you only have to clean the inside of the tub rather than the outside and the bottom.

Ultimately, the choice is personal. It is all about you. If you have space and want a lavish touch to your bathroom, go for a freestanding bath. In case you prefer simplicity and practicality, you can choose a built-in bath.