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How to choose the best bathroom vanities NZ?


Choosing the right bathroom vanity unit that suits your budget and looks good in your bathroom is very important. We share some helpful tips to make it easy for you to choose the right bathroom vanity unit.

Create a floorplan – The first step you need to take is to draw up a bathroom floorplan. Start by measuring the walls, the windows, as well as the doorways. Add all the fixates you have in the bathroom, including the shower, toilet, and bath. Also, add any windows and cupboards in the floorplan.

The placement of the vanity should be part of the floorplan as well as the space that will be needed to open the vanity drawers and doors. Do not place the vanity very close to the walls or close to the shower area as it will make cleaning difficult, and water from the shower area may damage it.

Decide about the plumbing – The next thing to decide is whether you will be moving the plumbing or keeping the same pipes. Changing the plumbing can be expensive and you might have to reroute the pipes and drains if you switch from a traditional floor-mounted vanity to a wall-mounted vanity. Talk to an experienced plumber if you decide to change the plumbing so you get the right products and install them correctly.

Type of Vanity – You can choose between freestanding and wall-mounted bathroom vanities. Freestanding vanities allow for a quick bathroom makeover. They allow any existing pipework to be concealed in the wall or floor. Freestanding vanities are usually recommended for larger washrooms as they come in different sizes.

Wall-mounted vanities on the other hand work great in smaller bathrooms. They add a sleek and modern look and leave some free floor space. Wall-mounted vanities can be tailor-made, making them perfect for taller individuals and families. They can be easily installed at a height that is comfortable for just everyone.

Storage – Storage consideration is extremely important when choosing a vanity. You will need some cabinets or shelves on the wall to make them more accessible. Most vanities come with storage space in the lower half but that can become difficult to access due to their location.

Placement – Placing the vanity at a spot that does not interfere with the flow or movement within the bathroom is important. The vanity will have doors and drawers to open so it should not be placed close to other items in the bathroom.

The color and material of the vanity are other points to consider and keep in mind. Other factors to consider are the lighting inside the cupboards as well as the sockets for handheld appliances in the bathroom cabins. Follow the above-given tips when choosing vanities nz.