Stylish vanities in NZ to add visual interest and storage to any space

Whether you’re designing your dream bathroom or remodelling one, Trenz collections are worth checking out. Choose from wall-hung and floor-standing vanities that combine the best plumbing and storage benefits with a design statement that can elevate any bathroom space. Bringing you the latest creations that epitomise beautiful comfort in every detail, we provide an array of superior-quality products, style options, finishes and countertop materials to add a touch of elegance and create just the right mood.

Discover the fusion of beauty, durability and everyday convenience in Trenz side cabinets and vanities that are made to last. They are created by brands that keep innovating to wrap functionality and style into the amazing comfort you want to enjoy in your bathroom. Shop our collections to find a unit that perfectly fits your dimensions and home style in New Zealand.

Embark on a journey of elegance with Trenz’s Vanity Collection—a range where exceptional functionality meets exquisite design to elevate your personal space. Our selection of vanities transcends mere furniture; they stand as focal points of grace and order within your daily sanctum.

Each vanity is a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal. From minimalist modern forms to classic silhouettes that resonate with timeless allure, Trenz curates vanities that reflect your distinctive taste and lifestyle. Balancing aesthetics with practicality, our pieces boast savvy storage solutions, robust materials, and a spectrum of finishes—from deep, rich woods to chic, contemporary metals.

With Trenz, your daily rituals are transformed into indulgent experiences of refinement. Our vanities serve not just as a stage for your beauty essentials but as an expression of your personal style narrative. Whether seeking a subtle addition or a bold centerpiece, our collection is tailored to your specific desires, ensuring an enhancement to your home’s ambiance.

Discover the symphony of beauty and utility with Trenz’s Vanity Collection—where each item is a step toward a more sophisticated abode. Explore our offerings and infuse your routine with the elegance you deserve.

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Floor Standing Vanity w/ Polymarble Basin Top

Discover Elegance & Functionality with Our Freestanding Vanity - Featuring a Durable Polymarble Basin Top for the Modern Bathroom

from: $505.00

Top Quality Floor Vanity Basin tops| Polymarble Single Basin Options

Durable Floor Vanity Basin Tops for Every Home

from: $1,080.00

Versatile Single Basin Vanity: Wall Hung or Floor Standing with Polymarble Top

Flexibility Meets Style: Single Basin Vanity with Seamless Polymarble Top

from: $1,050.00

Versatile Wall Hung Vanity with Polymarble Basin

Elevate Your Auckland Bathroom with a Designer Floating Vanity - Customizable with Drawers for Practical Elegance

from: $1,050.00

Wall Hung Vanity

from: $1,080.00