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The Ultimate Bathroom Tapware Buying Guide


Kitchens and bathrooms are the most important rooms in a home. They are the two areas that allow homeowners to express their personalities through their design choices. While paint color, tiles, and lighting go a long way in shaping the style of a bathroom, the role of tapware cannot be ignored. A tapware equally contributes to the design of a modern bathroom.

Gone are the days when tapware only had a functional purpose. Nowadays, tapware contribute to the design of the bathroom similarly to tiles. A bathroom tapware can improve the aesthetics and functionality of the space.

Whether you are planning to update your bathroom with brand new tapware, building a new bathroom or doing a complete makeover, you must ensure you are choosing the best possible tapware to fulfill your personal expectations and meet your design goals. Continue reading to know about the types of bathroom tapware and the different styles and designs you can choose from.

brand new basin tapwareTypes of Bathroom Tapware

When it comes to tapware, there is no shortage of options. You will find tapware for vanities, showers, baths, and more. While each tapware is designed to go with a specific area, in some cases, they can be interchangeable and be used in different areas. For example, a wall mixer set can be used for both baths and vanities.

Wall-Mounted Bathroom Tapware

Wall-Mounted bathroom tapware has a space-saving design. They are designed to emerge from the wall to hang above a bathtub or a sink. The reason they are popular among homeowners is that they maximize the room and are available in a variety of models. Their sleek and contemporary aesthetics are perfect for enhancing the overall look of a bathroom.

Freestanding Bathroom Tapware

Freestanding tapware offer excellent versatility. They can accompany any freestanding bathtubs or can go anywhere within the bathroom, provided the plumbing can be directed to that area. With this kind of tapware, you can give your space a classy touch.

basin tapwareDeck Mounted Bathroom Tapware

This type of tapware mostly goes well with bathroom sinks or basins. They are designed to deliver the easiest possible access for the pipes and plumbing to deliver water to the basins. Moreover, these types of tapware are available in single and double-tap versions. This means that you can opt for the one that suits your sink style and personal preference.

Monobloc Bathroom Tapware

They are designed for baths and basins and they come with a single tap hole only. Sometimes, they are referred to as mixer taps as they combine both hot and cold water streams. If you want comfortable balanced temperature water, Monobloc bathroom tapware is the best.

Pillar Bathroom Tapware

Pillar bathroom tapware is supplied in a pair, each feature as a separate valve to control the water flow and temperature. They are ideal for basins or bathtubs. If you have a classic and contemporary bathroom design, you can opt for this type.