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Things to Know About Quality Vanities NZ

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Let’s face it, generally, people don’t know much about bathroom fixtures and fittings. Even when you are buying bathroom vanities NZ, the most common issue is verifying the quality of the cabinets. You obviously don’t want to buy your vanity and then later realize it doesn’t meet your expectations. Here are a few things you should know about high-quality vanities NZ.

Quality Construction

Chances are, everyone has been faced with a bathroom fixture or a piece of furniture that was built poorly. Maybe the edge of the drawer was not right or there was chipping off from a cabinet, perhaps the entire piece felt extremely lightweight. Whatever it was, something about it made you feel the quality of the item was just not right. If you are all set to buy vanities NZ, you can combat poor construction by doing the following two things:

Fully-assembled vanities NZ: Manufacturers usually sell fully-assembled vanities after extensive testing and quality assurance performed by professionals. Another benefit of these vanities is that they are strong enough to withstand the rigors of shipping. Moreover, they are sturdier and heavier than the ready-to-assemble ones. In case you are worried about your bathroom space, you can always go for space-saving layouts.

Ready-to-assemble vanities NZ: These vanities come unassembled. The parts are either assembled by the homeowner or a workman. This doesn’t mean that they are of low quality but the construction process can be time-consuming and difficult. Above all, since these vanities have to be put together by someone, the result will largely depend on the ability of the person working to assemble them.

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Drawers Construction

Always make sure the bottom panels of the drawers of vanities are well-built so they can support the weight of all the items. Several brands these days have bottom panels made of solid wood as they can support a lot of weight. Also, it is best if you get a vanity with soft-closing drawer glides. When combined with a strong bottom panel, it will give full support to your bathroom items without bending. Moreover, the soft closing mechanism reduces the chances of damage to the cabinet.

Soft-Closing Hinges

Soft-closing hinges are the most flexible types of hinges available. They can easily be adjusted in/out, left/right, or up/down. Additionally, the best thing about these types of hinges is that they will close on their own after the slightest nudge. This not only prevents accident slamming but can also increase the life of the cabinet.


When it comes to selecting a quality vanity, you must consider the type of material used to make it. In recent times, a lot of sources have found that some manufacturers use lesser-quality materials like particleboard to keep the prices lower. This doesn’t mean high-quality vanity makers have vanished from the market. You just have to look harder to find the highest quality vanities NZ. The best material types include lower-priced wood like pine or birch or expensive varieties like hardwood, oak, maple, and more.