Bathroom Ideas

Tips to choose the right tapware for your bathroom


Whether you are planning to refresh your bathroom or are looking to completely redesign it, investing in tapware is a smart way to instantly transform your space. However, understanding what finishes, shapes, and designs will suit your space can be a bit tricky. Here are a few important things to consider when buying your next tap.

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Your bathroom style

The first step in choosing the right tapware is by considering the design of your bathroom. Is it quirky or formal? Is the design traditional or contemporary? Moreover, you must make sure the choice you make fits seamlessly with the rest of the room in order to avoid a disorganized-looking space.
In case you have more of a traditional style, it is best to go for rounded tapware as it is softer and has more feminine edges. As far as contemporary bathroom styles are concerned, they can carry bolder fixtures and fittings well. Something like square-shaped taps or more architecturally designed ones will be apt for a contemporary bathroom.
Additionally, if your bathroom is a mix of both, a style that combines both will be suitable. You can opt for square tap shapes with rounded edges or vice versa. This choice will help you create a more organic look.

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What color tapware should you choose?

While a huge array of chrome finishes are available in the market, the most popular ones are black, white, gold, graphite, and copper. The fact is that changing tapware frequently is not something that you want to be doing, so it is better to make a timeless decision that is less likely to date. Select a finish that you like the most and that will go well with the overall color scheme and style of your bathroom. Also, remember to match the finish with other elements such as shower sets, towel rails, shower frames, and toiler roll holders.

Types of bathroom tapware

There is no shortage of options when it comes to tapware. There are different types of bathroom tapware for different areas in the room. Plus, you also have a number of options per type. You can now easily find a kind of tapware for showers, tapware for vanities, and tapware for baths. While each type is designed for a specific area, in some cases, they can be interchanged and be used in different areas.

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Whatever you choose, make sure everything is matching, both in style and finish. The style you choose should match the overall design of your space. You also have various finishes to choose from. When choosing the finish, once again you should consider the style of your bathroom. For example, if your bathroom is contemporary, go for matte black or bronze finish. If it is traditional chrome, gold is a suitable choice.