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What is a BTW Toilet (Back to Wall Toilet)?

btw toilet

A good, stylish BTW toilet allows you to create a modern and sleek look. BTW toilets are available in a huge range of designs to suit any bathroom. If you are remodelling your bathroom and wondering which toilet to opt for, a BTW toilet is what you should go for. It has numerous benefits and is a wonderful alternative to a standard toilet. Let’s uncover all that is to be known about a BTW toilet, to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your bathroom.

btw toiletWhat is a back to wall toilet?

A BTW toilet is where the pan is fitted either to the wall or against a special cistern unit. You don’t have to worry about the plumbing work as it is hidden in the wall or the unit, which allows your bathroom to look neat. Moreover, a BTW toilet not only creates a clean and modern look, but also is a great space-saving solution for smaller bathrooms.

Back to Wall toilet styles

The majority of BTW toilets have a contemporary style. However, there are some traditional styles available for people who prefer creating a classic look in their bathrooms. As far as modern BTW toilets are concerned, they feature curved or angular lines. Curved shapes go well with family bathrooms, while angular lined shapes are perfect for creating a contemporary style. If you have a small bathroom, choose a small BTW toilet to maximize space. There are compact BTW toilets that have a sleek design to create more room. Almost all BTW toilets are made from high-quality ceramic with a white glossy finish that’s quite easy to clean.

Do I need a back to wall toilet unit?

If you want to fit your BTW toilet directly against the wall, then you will need the unit. The main benefit of the unit is that it makes installing a BTW toilet a lot easier. The best part is that the unit provides a handy shelf that you could use to display something or utilize the extra storage space. Another advantage of the unit is that it can match with other bathroom furniture items, hence allowing you to create a coordinated look. Installing a BTW toilet without a unit will complicate the installation process as you would need to make room for cistern and plumbing work.

btw toilet

The benefits of a back to wall toilet


A BTW toilet is a practical choice if you have a small bathroom as it takes as little space as possible.


You can complement your BTW toilet unit with the rest of your bathroom furniture. Plus, there are a lot of colors and finishes available including grey, white, oak and walnut, so go for your favorite one.


A BTW toilet will add a modern touch to your bathroom and can even bring an old bathroom to life.


A BTW toilet is easy to clean and maintain as compared to a close-coupled toilet. With it, you don’t have to worry about any crannies and nooks.