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Why A Freestanding Bath Is a Must-Have This Season?


Did you renovate the bathroom but are unsure of the tub style and design? A freestanding bath is a trending accessory that has a standalone personality. It is pleasing to look at, touch, or bathe in. The tub’s influence is uncountable. Here are a few benefits to installing it in your new bathroom.

Experience luxury at home

A freestanding bath is a luxurious addition to any bathroom. It offers a spa-like bathing experience because of the ample space. Moreover, the bathtub also has more freedom than its pre-installed alternatives. A freestanding tub will hold more water capacity. You can add your favorite bath bombs, essential oils, and scents to transform cleaning completely.

Moreover, a freestanding bath has a comfortable angle where the individual can relax, sit, or lie down without hurting the back. The curvature promotes relaxation so you can unwind after a busy day.

Easy to install

Installing a freestanding bath is very easy. The steps are simple to understand and rarely require professional help. The customer follows the delivery process and instructs the staff to place it at the installation site. If the spot changes, you can move it because a freestanding tub is a one-single piece.

After the placement, ensure the plumbing aligns with the freestanding tub. And just like that, the installation is complete. However, the steps may vary if the tub is made from different materials. You may need additional help relocating the heavy bathroom accessory.

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Custom materials

A freestanding bath is available in many materials. As a result, you can make the perfect choice to match the bathroom décor. The materials are ever-lasting, so you can personalize the tub according to your preferences. A freestanding tub is available in marble, granite, copper, porcelain, and stone resin.

Each material has its advantages and letdowns. However, the right choice will provide the customer will long-term use. Some freestanding baths are more affordable than others. Therefore, pick the one that will look ideal in your bathroom.

Easy to maintain

Besides being easy to install, a freestanding bath does not require extensive maintenance. It is one large stone piece that you can clean with swiping motions. Furthermore, since the shape is round, it does not have cracks for bacterial growth. You can clean the tub in a little time. However, you may need to climb into the bathtub in awkward positions.

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The discussion about a freestanding bath is incomplete without talking about the aesthetic. The tub adds an excellent visual appeal to the bathroom. It is available in different designs that will accommodate different customer preferences. You can choose the tub in customized color. There are elegant, modern, and retro-inspired designs to choose from too.

A freestanding bath has an ornate outlook that can look intimidating. It is an excellent purchase to impress your friends and family over the holidays.


Lastly, a freestanding bath is very versatile. It does not require a specific corner or a location like the standing shower. You can place it anywhere and design the bathroom around it. Since they are available in different sizes, you can also add a freestanding tub to a small bathroom.

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