Bathroom Ideas

Why get a heated towel rail NZ installed?

high quality hot towel trail

Heated towel rail NZ is growing in demand. They are loved by people due to their numerous benefits. Modern heated towel rail NZ is not just efficient and convenient, but they are super classy as well. They look great in bathrooms because of their chic design.

Bathroom Hygiene

Do you want to enjoy those comfortable toasty towels? Get yourself a heated towel rail NZ. One of their main advantages is that they keep the towels dry, making them useful in both humid and cold weather. Besides that, a heated towel rail NZ also helps keep your bathroom hygienic because dry towels lower the chances of damp breeding space for mould and germs. Moreover, they also let you save water and electricity as the towels will be dried directly on the rail. This means you won’t be washing them as often so you get to save money.

Warmer towels and Bathrooms

Regardless of the size, majority of the bathrooms have a natural chill maybe because they rarely see any sunshine. Heated towel rail NZ supplies heat that in turn warms up the towels. The best part is that the heat will also warm up the bathroom space. Let’s face it, there is nothing better than getting out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a nice warm towel. Plus, there is nothing quite worse than getting out of a cozy bath and wrapping yourself with a slightly wet towel.

Lowers stress levels

A bathroom is a perfect place to enjoy some ‘me time’ and warmed-up towels are a great way to relax for a long time after taking a hot shower. A dry, fresh, and a warm towel give a spa-like feeling.

A stylish touch

Heated towel rails NZ are available in various sizes and shapes. They help add a stylish touch to your bathroom décor. Whether you are looking for modern yet sophisticated designs or ultimate luxurious styles, everything is easily available that suits every bathroom.

Towel storage and display

If you have limited space in your bathroom, then bathroom towels, especially the popular bath sheets, can take a lot of space causing hassle. A heated towel rail NZ offers a great way to hang towels, giving your bathroom a spacious feel. There are a variety of heated towel rails NZ available that go with all space demands.

Save on electricity costs

A heated towel rail NZ uses automatic heating technology (AHT) that is energy efficient. It is an intelligent method for heating the rails. However, some heated towel rails NZ use an eco-friendly hydraulic installation option where towel rails are heated with the help of the home’s re-circulation hot water system. Both options are energy efficient.